We are 100% polish company. Our clients are domestic and foreign EU companies.


We offer our own transit and we cooperate with logistics services. We provide transit in Poland and EU countries.
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How do we pack?

15 kilo sack

100x120cm pallet with 65 sacks (13 layers 5 sacks each)
Weight: 975 kg
Height: 180 cm

20 kilo sack

100x120cm pallet with 50 sacks (10 layers 5 sacks each)
Weight: 1000 kg (1 tonne)
Height: 170 cm

Big bag

One big bag 90 x 90 x 180cm with 1 tonne of pellet, opened from the top and bottom

In bulk

Pellet in bulk, transit with no packaging, self-unloading or pneumatic feeder.

Producenci Pieców i Kotłów (Cross-selling) (dropshipping)

2. Hurtownie i sklepy internetowe (dystrybucja)

3. Kotłownie (oferta do kotłowni)

4. Zakłady produkcyjne

5. Szkoły, Urzędy, Szpitale, jed. administracji publicznej.

6. Sieci Handlowe


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